What is {API}Call

{API}Call is a widget for Garmin devices for calling HTTP URLs. Typical usage is for calling REST API of IOT devices or home automation boxes (Fibaro, eedomus, jeedom, zipa, vera ...) or others things via ifttt.com. It's wanted to be very versatile to be used with lots of applications/situations.

The widget is totaly free of use. No advertising on this site, and the support is also free. I do it initially for my personnal use, and I'am very happy to share it for everyone, so please be kind and clement;o). And if you want to pay me a beer, it's here.

In this site you will find this sections :

  • Release Notes, which contain :
    • Common issues and misusages
    • Supported devices
    • Roadmap
    • Release description
  • Documentation, which contain :
    • Available parameters
    • Exemples
    • Icons list
  • Screenshots, which contain :
    • An how to use with several screenshots
  • Contact, which contain :
    • How to contact me for support, make a wish or say thanks ;o)

Thanks to ...

  • Patrice, Dimitar, Claudio, Machine EL, Pascal, André, Pawel, Tobias, Giorgos, Sara, Benjamin, Knut, Wolfgang, Ralph, Kamil, Kyle, Andreas, Carlos, Dieter, Eric, Michael, Remi, Keisuke, Dimitros, Howard, Marek, Steven, Cédric, Frederik, Ralph, Christopher, Marco, Janak, Damien, Lukasz, MacHiel, Tomaz, Jonathan and Fabien for your beer(s).
  • FlowState and Travis for your help on garmin forums.